Hacking Fatherhood by Dr. Nate Dallas    

Dr. Nate Dallas is a husband of 15 years and a father to five young boys. He is a practicing dentist, a lifelong learner, and a serial entrepreneur. When he's not building a fort, fishing, hunting, climbing trees, or making sidewalk chart art with his boys, he's mentoring men on how to become a better version of themselves.

Hacking Fatherhood was truly a labor of love for young families. After reading many (lacking) books on becoming a dad, Dr. Nate decided it was time for a more productive approach. Becoming a real man, a better husband, and a hero father are skills that have been lost. These roles are difficult and too often result in failure. Fatherly failure affects generations. Succeeding in this critical role requires a plan, a great deal of discipline, and a big heart. This first book takes men from considering having a baby, all the way to bringing a newborn home. 

Nate's weekly blog can be found at www.natedallas.tumblr.com